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Source file : lz.adb

--  File:            lz.adb
--  Description:     A minimal file compression/decompression tool
--  Date/version:    29-Jan-2009 ; 7-May-2002 ; 23-Jan-2000
--  Author:          Gautier de Montmollin

with Ada.Command_Line;                  use Ada.Command_Line;
with Ada.Calendar;                      use Ada.Calendar;
with Ada.Text_IO;                       use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Direct_IO;

with Interfaces;                        use Interfaces;

with LZH;

procedure  LZ  is
  package Byte_IO is new Ada.Direct_IO( Unsigned_8 );
  use Byte_IO;
  package CIO is new Integer_IO( Byte_IO.Count );
  package FIO is new Float_IO( Float );

  Infile:  Byte_IO.File_Type;
  Outfile: Byte_IO.File_Type;

  Isize, Osize: Byte_IO.Count;

  Dots: constant:= 16;
  Done_Dots: Natural:= 0;
  Idot: Byte_IO.Count;

  procedure Display_Progress( Done: Float ) is
    New_Done_Dots: constant Natural:=
      Natural( Float(Dots) * Done );
    for I in Done_Dots+1 .. New_Done_Dots loop
    end loop;
    Done_Dots:= New_Done_Dots;
  end Display_Progress;

  function Read_IO_Byte return Unsigned_8 is
  pragma Inline( Read_IO_Byte );
    B: Unsigned_8;
    I: constant Byte_IO.Count:= Index(Infile);
    Read( Infile, B );
    if I = 1 then
    elsif I = Isize then
    elsif Idot=0 or else I mod Idot = 0 then
      Display_Progress(Float(I) / Float(Isize));
    end if;
    return B;
  end Read_IO_Byte;

  function More_bytes return Boolean is
    return not End_Of_File( Infile );
  end More_bytes;

  procedure Write_IO_Byte( B: Unsigned_8 ) is
  pragma Inline( Write_IO_Byte );
    Write( Outfile, B );
  end Write_IO_Byte;

  package File_LZH is
    new LZH(
      Read_byte  => Read_IO_Byte,
      More_bytes => More_Bytes,
      Write_byte => Write_IO_Byte
  use File_LZH;

  type T_Action is ( Do_Encode, Do_Decode );
  Action: T_Action;

  T0, T1 : Time;
  Seconds: Duration;

  if Argument_Count/=3 then
      "Usage: LZ e(ncode-compress)|d(ecode-decompress) infile outfile");
  end if;
    S: constant String:= Argument(1);
    case  S(1)  is
      when 'e' | 'E'=> Action:= Do_Encode;
      when 'd' | 'D'=> Action:= Do_Decode;
      when others =>
          "! Use [d] for decoding-decompression or" &
          " [e] for encoding-compression"
    end case;
  Byte_IO.Open  ( Infile,  Byte_IO.In_File, Argument(2) );
  Isize:= Byte_IO.Size(Infile);
  Idot:= Isize / Dots;
  Byte_IO.Create( Outfile, Name => Argument(3) );
  Put(" In:"); CIO.Put( Isize ); Put("  [");
  T0:= Clock;
  case Action is
    when Do_Encode => Encode;
    when Do_Decode => Decode;
  end case;
  T1:= Clock;
  Byte_IO.Close( Infile );
  Osize:= Byte_IO.Size(Outfile);
  Byte_IO.Close( Outfile );
  Put("] Out:"); CIO.Put( Osize );
  if Isize /= 0 and Osize /= 0 then
    Put("  ");
    case Action is
      when Do_Encode => CIO.Put( (100*Osize) / Isize,0 );
      when Do_Decode => CIO.Put( (100*Isize) / Osize,0 );
    end case;
  end if;
  Seconds:= T1-T0;
  FIO.Put( Float( Seconds ), 4, 2, 0 );
  Put_Line( " seconds.");
end LZ;

Zip-Ada: Ada library for zip archive files (.zip). Ada programming.
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