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Source file : lzma_dec.adb

-- Standalone, command-line, LZMA Decoder (for .lzma files).

with LZMA.Decoding;

with Ada.Command_Line;                  use Ada.Command_Line;
with Ada.Text_IO;                       use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Streams.Stream_IO;             use Ada.Streams.Stream_IO;
with Interfaces;                        use Interfaces;

procedure LZMA_Dec is

  subtype Byte is Unsigned_8;

  f_in, f_out: Ada.Streams.Stream_IO.File_Type;

  --  NB: The Byte I/O below is not buffered, so it is very slow.
  --  You need to implement a circular buffer of type Stream_Element_Array for a fast I/O.
  --  For instance, see the BlockRead in the Zip package for how to do it.

  function Read_Byte return Byte is
    b: Byte;
    Byte'Read(Stream(f_in), b);
    return b;
  end Read_Byte;

  procedure Write_Byte(b: Byte) is
    Byte'Write(Stream(f_out), b);
  end Write_Byte;

  package My_LZMA_Decoding is new LZMA.Decoding(Read_Byte, Write_Byte);
  use My_LZMA_Decoding;

  procedure Print_Data_Bytes_Count(title: String; v: Data_Bytes_Count) is
    package CIO is new Integer_IO(Data_Bytes_Count);
    Put(" : ");
    CIO.Put(v, 0);
    Put(" bytes");
  end Print_Data_Bytes_Count;

  lzma_decoder: LZMA_Decoder_Info;
  res: LZMA_Result;

  use type BIO.Count;

  default_hints: constant LZMA_Hints:=
    ( has_size               => True,
      given_size             => dummy_size,
      marker_expected        => False,
      fail_on_bad_range_code => False);

  Put_Line("LZMA_Dec, adapted from the LZMA Reference Decoder 9.31 by Igor Pavlov.");
  if Argument_Count = 0 then
    Put_Line("Use: lzma_dec a.lzma outfile");
    Put_Line("NB: The I/O is not buffered => may be slow. Use the UnZipAda tool for fast I/O.");
  elsif Argument_Count /= 2 then
    Put_Line("You must specify two parameters");
  end if;
  Open(f_in, In_File, Argument(1));
  Create(f_out, Out_File, Argument(2));

  Decode(lzma_decoder, default_hints, res);

    "lc="   & Natural'Image(Literal_context_bits(lzma_decoder)) &
    ", lp=" & Natural'Image(Literal_pos_bits(lzma_decoder)) &
    ", pb=" & Natural'Image(Pos_bits(lzma_decoder))
  Put_Line("Dictionary size in properties =" & Unsigned_32'Image(Dictionary_size_in_properties(lzma_decoder)));
  Put_Line("Dictionary size for decoding  =" & Unsigned_32'Image(Dictionary_size(lzma_decoder)));

  if Unpack_size_defined(lzma_decoder) then
    Print_Data_Bytes_Count("Uncompressed size", Unpack_size_as_defined(lzma_decoder));
    Put_Line("Uncompressed size not defined, end marker is expected.");
  end if;

  Print_Data_Bytes_Count("Read    ", Data_Bytes_Count(Index(f_in) - 1));
  Print_Data_Bytes_Count("Written ", Data_Bytes_Count(Index(f_out) - 1));
  case res is
    when LZMA_finished_without_marker =>
       Put_Line("Finished without end marker");
    when LZMA_finished_with_marker =>
       if Unpack_size_defined(lzma_decoder) then
         if Data_Bytes_Count(Index(f_out) - 1) /= Unpack_size_as_defined(lzma_decoder) then
           Put_Line("Warning: finished with end marker before the specified size");
         end if;
       end if;
       Put_Line("Finished with end marker");
  end case;

  if Range_decoder_corrupted(lzma_decoder) then
    Put_Line("Warning: LZMA stream is corrupted");
  end if;

end LZMA_Dec;

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