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Source file : demo_zip.adb

with Zip_Streams;                       use Zip_Streams;
with Zip.Create;                        use Zip.Create;

procedure Demo_zip is
  zip_file : aliased File_Zipstream; -- Archive is a file
  archive : Zip_Create_info;
  Create (archive, zip_file'Unchecked_Access, "");
  Add_File(archive, "demo/demo_zip.adb", Password => "1234");
  Add_File(archive, "demo/demo_unzip.adb");
    "==== Hello world! ====" & ASCII.LF &
    "It is such a nice ""Hello world""-like demo, isn't it ?",
  Finish (archive);
end Demo_zip;

Zip-Ada: Ada library for zip archive files (.zip). Ada programming.
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