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Source file : zip-create.adb

with Ada.Exceptions;
with Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation;
with Ada.Text_IO;

with Interfaces;                        use Interfaces;

package body Zip.Create is

   procedure Create(Info          : out Zip_Create_info;
                    Z_Stream      : in Zipstream_Class_Access;
                    Name          : String;
                    Compress      : Zip.Compress.Compression_Method:= Zip.Compress.Deflate_1;
                    Duplicates    : Duplicate_name_policy:= admit_duplicates
      Info.Stream := Z_Stream;
      Info.Compress := Compress;
      if Name /= "" then
         Set_Name (Info.Stream.all, Name);
      end if;
      -- If we have a real file (File_Zipstream or descendent), create the file too:
      if Z_Stream.all in File_Zipstream'Class then
        Zip_Streams.Create (File_Zipstream(Z_Stream.all), Zip_Streams.Out_File);
      end if;
      Info.Duplicates:= Duplicates;
   end Create;

   function Is_Created(Info: Zip_Create_info) return Boolean is
      return Info.Stream /= null;
   end Is_Created;

   procedure Set(Info       : in out Zip_Create_info;
                 New_Method : Zip.Compress.Compression_Method)
     Info.Compress:= New_Method;
   end Set;

   function Name(Info: Zip_Create_info) return String is
     return Get_Name(Info.Stream.all);
   end Name;

   procedure Dispose is new
     Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation (Dir_entries, Pdir_entries);

   procedure Resize (A    : in out Pdir_entries;
                     Size : Integer) is
      Hlp : constant Pdir_entries := new Dir_entries (1 .. Size);
      if A = null then
         A := Hlp;
         Hlp (1 .. Integer'Min (Size, A'Length)) :=
           A (1 .. Integer'Min (Size, A'Length));
         Dispose (A);
         A := Hlp;
      end if;
   end Resize;

   -- Internal - add the catalogue entry corresponding to a
   -- compressed file in the Zip archive.
   -- The entire catalogue will be written at the end of the zip stream,
   -- and the entry as a local header just before the compressed data.
   -- The entry's is mostly incomplete in the end (name, size, ...); stream
   -- operations on the archive being built are not performed here,
   -- see Add_Stream for that.
   procedure Add_catalogue_entry (Info: in out Zip_Create_info)
      if Info.Last_entry = 0 then
        Info.Last_entry:= 1;
        Resize (Info.Contains, 32);
        Info.Last_entry:= Info.Last_entry + 1;
        if Info.Last_entry > Info.Contains'Last then
          -- Info.Contains is full, time to resize it!
          -- We do nothing less than double the size - better than
          -- whatever offer you'd get in your e-mails.
          Resize (Info.Contains, Info.Contains'Last * 2);
        end if;
      end if;
        cfh: Central_File_Header renames Info.Contains(Info.Last_entry).head;
        --  Administration
        cfh.made_by_version      := 23; -- version 2.30
        cfh.comment_length       := 0;
        cfh.disk_number_start    := 0;
        cfh.internal_attributes  := 0; -- 0: binary; 1: text
        cfh.external_attributes  := 0;
        cfh.short_info.needed_extract_version := 10; -- Value put by Zip/PKZip
        cfh.short_info.bit_flag  := 0;
   end Add_catalogue_entry;

   --  This is just for detecting duplicates
   procedure Insert_to_name_dictionary(file_name: String; node: in out p_Dir_node) is
     if node = null then
       node:= new Dir_node'
         ( (name_len          => file_name'Length,
            left              => null,
            right             => null,
            file_name         => file_name)
     elsif file_name > node.file_name then
       Insert_to_name_dictionary( file_name, node.right );
     elsif file_name < node.file_name then
       Insert_to_name_dictionary( file_name, node.left );
       --  Name already registered
       raise Duplicate_name;
     end if;
   end Insert_to_name_dictionary;

   procedure Clear_name_dictionary(Info : in out Zip_Create_info) is
     procedure Clear( p: in out p_Dir_node ) is
        procedure Dispose is new Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation (Dir_node, p_Dir_node);
       if p /= null then
         p:= null;
       end if;
     end Clear;
   end Clear_name_dictionary;

   procedure Add_Stream (Info     : in out Zip_Create_info;
                         Stream   : in out Root_Zipstream_Type'Class;
                         Password : in     String:= "")
     Compressed_Size: Zip.File_size_type; -- dummy
     Final_Method   : Natural;            -- dummy
     Add_Stream(Info, Stream, null, Password, Compressed_Size, Final_Method);
   end Add_Stream;

   procedure Add_Stream (Info           : in out Zip_Create_info;
                         Stream         : in out Root_Zipstream_Type'Class;
                         Feedback       : in     Feedback_proc;
                         Password       : in     String:= "";
                         Compressed_Size:    out Zip.File_size_type;
                         Final_Method   :    out Natural)
      mem1, mem2 : ZS_Index_Type := 1;
      entry_name : String:= Get_Name (Stream);
      Last: Positive;
      -- Appnote.txt, V. J. :
      --   " All slashes should be forward slashes '/' as opposed to backwards slashes '\' "
      for i in entry_name'Range loop
        if entry_name(i) = '\' then
          entry_name(i):= '/';
        end if;
      end loop;
      if Info.Duplicates = error_on_duplicate then
        --  Check for duplicates; raises Duplicate_name in this case.
        Insert_to_name_dictionary (entry_name, Info.dir);
      end if;
      Add_catalogue_entry (Info);
      Last:= Info.Last_entry;
        cfh: Central_File_Header renames Info.Contains(Last).head;
        shi: Local_File_Header renames cfh.short_info;
        --  Administration - continued
        if Zip_Streams.Is_Unicode_Name (Stream) then
          shi.bit_flag := shi.bit_flag or Zip.Headers.Language_Encoding_Flag_Bit;
        end if;
        if Password /= "" then
          shi.bit_flag := shi.bit_flag or Zip.Headers.Encryption_Flag_Bit;
        end if;
        if Is_Read_Only(Stream) then
          cfh.external_attributes:= cfh.external_attributes or 1;
        end if;
        shi.file_timedate        := Get_Time (Stream);
        shi.dd.uncompressed_size := Unsigned_32 (Size (Stream));
        shi.filename_length      := entry_name'Length;
        Info.Contains (Last).name           := new String'(entry_name);
        shi.extra_field_length   := 0;

        mem1 := Index (Info.Stream.all);
        cfh.local_header_offset := Unsigned_32 (mem1) - 1;
        --  Write the local header with incomplete informations
        Zip.Headers.Write (Info.Stream.all, shi);

        String'Write(Info.Stream, entry_name);

        --  Write compressed file
          (input            => Stream,
           output           => Info.Stream.all,
           input_size_known => True,
           input_size       => shi.dd.uncompressed_size,
           method           => Info.Compress,
           feedback         => Feedback,
           password         => Password,
           content_hint     => Guess_type_from_name(entry_name),
           CRC              => shi.dd.crc_32,
           output_size      => shi.dd.compressed_size,
           zip_type         => shi.zip_type
        if shi.zip_type = compression_format_code.lzma then
          --  For LZMA, we always put an EOS marker. From PKWARE's Appnote:
          --      5.8.9 Data compressed with method 14, LZMA, may include an end-of-stream
          --      (EOS) marker ending the compressed data stream.  This marker is not
          --      required, but its use is highly recommended to facilitate processing
          --      and implementers should include the EOS marker whenever possible.
          --      When the EOS marker is used, general purpose bit 1 must be set.  If
          --      general purpose bit 1 is not set, the EOS marker is not present.
          shi.bit_flag := shi.bit_flag or LZMA_EOS_Flag_Bit;
        end if;
        mem2 := Index (Info.Stream.all);
        --  Go back to the local header to rewrite it with complete informations
        --  known after the compression: CRC value, compressed size, actual compression format.
        Set_Index (Info.Stream.all, mem1);
        Zip.Headers.Write (Info.Stream.all, shi);
        --  Return to momentaneous end of file
        Set_Index (Info.Stream.all, mem2);
        Compressed_Size:= shi.dd.compressed_size;
        Final_Method   := Natural(shi.zip_type);
   end Add_Stream;

   procedure Add_File (Info              : in out Zip_Create_info;
                       Name              : String;
                       Name_in_archive   : String:= "";
                       -- default: add the file in the archive
                       -- under the same name
                       Delete_file_after : Boolean:= False;
                       -- practical to delete temporary file after adding
                       Name_encoding     : Zip_name_encoding:= IBM_437;
                       Modification_time : Time:= default_time;
                       Is_read_only      : Boolean:= False;
                       Feedback          : Feedback_proc:= null;
                       Password          : String:= ""
      temp_zip_stream     : aliased File_Zipstream;
      use Ada.Text_IO;
      fd: File_Type;
      Compressed_Size: Zip.File_size_type; -- unused
      Final_Method   : Natural; -- unused
     -- Read the file
     Set_Name(temp_zip_stream, Name);
     Open(temp_zip_stream, Zip_Streams.In_File);
     -- Eventually we set a new name for archiving:
     if Name_in_archive /= "" then
        Set_Name(temp_zip_stream, Name_in_archive);
     end if;
     Set_Unicode_Name_Flag(temp_zip_stream, Name_encoding = UTF_8);
     Set_Read_Only_Flag(temp_zip_stream, Is_read_only);
     Set_Time(temp_zip_stream, Modification_time);
     -- Stuff into the .zip archive:
     Add_Stream (Info, temp_zip_stream, Feedback, Password, Compressed_Size, Final_Method);
     if Delete_file_after then
        Open(fd, In_File, Name);
     end if;
     when User_abort =>
       if Is_Open(temp_zip_stream) then
       end if;
   end Add_File;

   procedure Add_String (Info              : in out Zip_Create_info;
                         Contents          : String;
                         Name_in_archive   : String;
                         --   Name_UTF_8_encoded = True if Name is actually UTF-8 encoded (Unicode)
                         Name_UTF_8_encoded: Boolean:= False;
                         Password          : String:= "";
                         --  Time stamp for this entry, e.g. Zip.Convert(Ada.Calendar.Clock)
                         Creation_time     : Zip.Time:= default_time
       Info               => Info,
       Contents           => To_Unbounded_String(Contents),
       Name_in_archive    => Name_in_archive,
       Name_UTF_8_encoded => Name_UTF_8_encoded,
       Password           => Password,
       Creation_time      => Creation_time
   end Add_String;

   procedure Add_String (Info              : in out Zip_Create_info;
                         Contents          : Unbounded_String;
                         Name_in_archive   : String;
                         --   Name_UTF_8_encoded = True if Name is actually UTF-8 encoded (Unicode)
                         Name_UTF_8_encoded: Boolean:= False;
                         Password          : String:= "";
                         --  Time stamp for this entry, e.g. Zip.Convert(Ada.Calendar.Clock)
                         Creation_time     : Zip.Time:= default_time
     temp_zip_stream     : aliased Memory_Zipstream;
     Set(temp_zip_stream, Contents);
     Set_Name(temp_zip_stream, Name_in_archive);
     Set_Time(temp_zip_stream, Creation_time);
     Set_Unicode_Name_Flag(temp_zip_stream, Name_UTF_8_encoded);
     Add_Stream (Info, temp_zip_stream, Password);
   end Add_String;

   procedure Add_Compressed_Stream (
     Info           : in out Zip_Create_info;
     Stream         : in out Root_Zipstream_Type'Class;
     Feedback       : in     Feedback_proc
      lh: Zip.Headers.Local_File_Header;
      Zip.Headers.Read_and_check(Stream, lh);
      -- Copy name and ignore extra field
        name: String(1..Positive(lh.filename_length));
        extra: String(1..Natural(lh.extra_field_length));
        String'Read(Stream'Access, name);
        String'Read(Stream'Access, extra);
        if Info.Duplicates = error_on_duplicate then
          --  Check for duplicates; raises Duplicate_name in this case:
          Insert_to_name_dictionary (name, Info.dir);
        end if;
        Add_catalogue_entry (Info);
        Info.Contains (Info.Last_entry).head.local_header_offset :=
          Unsigned_32 (Index (Info.Stream.all)) - 1;
        Info.Contains (Info.Last_entry).name := new String'(name);
        lh.extra_field_length:= 0; -- extra field is zeroed (causes problems if not)
        Zip.Headers.Write(Info.Stream.all, lh);  --  Copy local header to new stream
        String'Write(Info.Stream, name);         --  Copy entry name to new stream
        Feedback => Feedback
      Info.Contains (Info.Last_entry).head.short_info:= lh;
   end Add_Compressed_Stream;

   procedure Finish (Info : in out Zip_Create_info) is
      ed : Zip.Headers.End_of_Central_Dir;
      procedure Dispose is new Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation (String, p_String);
      --  2/ Almost done - write Central Directory:
      ed.central_dir_offset := Unsigned_32 (Index (Info.Stream.all)) - 1;
      ed.total_entries := 0;
      ed.central_dir_size := 0;
      ed.main_comment_length := 0;
      if Info.Last_entry > Integer(Unsigned_16'Last) then
          (Constraint_Error'Identity, "Too many entries - need ZIP64");
      end if;
      if Info.Contains /= null then
        for e in 1..Info.Last_entry loop
           ed.total_entries := ed.total_entries + 1;
           Zip.Headers.Write (Info.Stream.all, Info.Contains (e).head);
           String'Write(Info.Stream, Info.Contains (e).name.all);
           -- The extra field here is assumed to be empty!
           ed.central_dir_size :=
             ed.central_dir_size +
               Zip.Headers.central_header_length +
                 Unsigned_32 (Info.Contains (e).head.short_info.filename_length);
        end loop;
        Dispose (Info.Contains);
      end if;
      Info.Last_entry:= 0;
      Clear_name_dictionary (Info);
      ed.disknum := 0;
      ed.disknum_with_start := 0;
      ed.disk_total_entries := ed.total_entries;
      Zip.Headers.Write (Info.Stream.all, ed);
      -- If we have a real file (File_Zipstream or descendent), close the file too:
      if Info.Stream.all in File_Zipstream'Class then
        Zip_Streams.Close (File_Zipstream(Info.Stream.all));
      end if;
   end Finish;

end Zip.Create;

Zip-Ada: Ada library for zip archive files (.zip). Ada programming.
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